………..Potential or Credential?

Aggregates of all processes by which individual acquires knowledge, skills, norms, values and other form of behavior which of positive value to the societies is what could be refer to us education. Nowadays, we take cognizance of the route knowledge acquisition which is accompanied by certificates and titles which has little or no effect on positive transformation in the societies. Ironically, our level of education has contributed to high rate of dependency on foreign dictatorship. We could no longer do things in our own way and incorporation of western culture has supplanted our cultural heritage.
Imagine the survival rate of citizens in a country whose pride and encouragement are bribery, stealing/arm robbery, embezzlement of public funds meant development, just to mention a few. In addendum, large proportion of graduates are rendered unemployed due to the nature of knowledge acquired through educational institutions.
Cynically,  government gives room for establishment of higher institutions of learning at all levels which will definitely paves way for more unemployed graduates. Sometimes ,  it requires personal development to get employed irrespective of the institution attended.

Here comes remedy to circumvent such unpleasant and pathetic experience of being unemployed. It is an optimistic view to getting lucrative job after higher education but this is not always realistic. In fact, it goes beyond your certificates or course of , “it goes beyond your certificates or course of study what it comes to getting job. Mind you, no one feels how you were dying while studying that is why you need to rethink and put your certificates aside and use your potentials.


Try to discover your talent through your potentials by partaking in works, activities and training that suit your passion. As time goes by, create a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience in your engagement. By so doing, you can later become an employer/entrepreneur not an employee.


In conclusion, successful ones in the world use their potentials to achieve greatness not credentials. Read through their biography and this will expound and espouse on the main idea.  Paradoxically, you can only get job as a free man through recommendation(s) from socially stratified personalities or through your portfolios which comes from your potentials but not your certificates.
Thanks for reading!

Abdulahi O. FALADE


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