COVID-19: an Eye-opener for sustainable income.

istockphoto-1135346381-612x612Nothing is constant at every instance other than change. This as a result had proven to us that no matter the situation we find ourselves, we shouldn’t be complacent, for all is ephemeral. COVID-19 pandemic has been a threat, not only to the public health but also to individuals. From the onset,  no one could imagine what the world is experiencing now. But to be frown, it’s a reality that change is constant which is accompanied by danger and opportunities.

If l may ask, how many decades have you spent on earth? Ohh…..Are you crucifying me for asking? I am asking just to analyse how novel COVID-19  is. An octogenarian testifies that he has never experience this kind of situation where more than 70% of the countries in the world would be in danger of a disease pandemic to the extent of lockdown.

If seldom the case, the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic is an eye opener for all. One could observe how the global economy is being affected. Government parastatals can’t work as well as those in private organizations. In fact, unemployment rate increases due to retrenchment or sack when companies find it difficult to pay salaries. But how do we expect people to survive, especially those with dependants? Of which salary is major source of income for many. Now, we need to be conscious of the situation because it is passing an important message of  opportunities.

One thing l have realised is that despite COVID-19 lockdown,  all businesses are affected except those of Telecommunications and other online services. Thus, one needs to optimize the ample opportunities that digitalization has provided. Have you thought digitalising your business?

The reason for this is not far fetch because any Internet based or online businesses require no physical contact or interaction. All activities are done online up to payment transaction. You can assist someone to create website, graphics, Android App and render other services without moving an hitch from your room. However, Internet based businesses might be complicated if there is no strong Internet access with gadgets. Also, defaulting or scamming might set in from clients and service provider but these could be minimized by putting up some security and surveillance strategies.

In summary, COVID-19 is here to pave way for windows of opportunities with a major message that we need to engage in not only physical businesses but online businesses so as to avert the effect of similar cases or situation at hand at any point in time. In light of this, take your skills, experience and knowledge to the next level by finding online platforms, that interest you and get started today for knowledge and skills sharing that will fetch boost your income.

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  1. Happy to read this eye-opener post. In fact, a friend just spoke with me on Fiverr platform. Seeing it hear again really boosts my morale to find time to consider it.
    More power to your elbow.

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