Social Media? Yes, what’s your opinion?


Only Self discipline can guide souls, mind and deeds to circumvent the detriment of technology these days. Could you imagine what was reported to have been the cause of students failure in just concluded West Africa Examination exercise?. Major factor is misuse of social media in 21st century by teenagers. It suffices to tag it ” Danger of social media to teenagers in 21st Century”. It was reported that students find it difficult to write correct spellings(addiction of chat shorthand) which by the way will definitely affects mechanical accuracy. Besides, they are fond of using mangled English(pidgin) for communication rather learning standard British English.

In addendum, Exam malpractices has been legalize to the extent that students believe links for expo can easily be founded through social media. I was opportune to partake in November, 2017 NECO marking of scripts. I noticed that large proportion of the candidates wrote answers…

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