……. Pen, arrow of target.

…..Pen is mightier than sword, Use it !


Who knows what it takes?
To give a presentable cakes
Without much stress at stakes
To someone who is fake.

For the masses to hear
It means majority have ears
And if found difficult to bear,
They will communicate with tears.

Thus, there exist an object
Meant to be use to object
And act wisely to eject
Unfavourable content of subject.

Don’t say l have no choice
Go ahead! and give out voice
If you are presented wrong invoice
So that you will live to rejoice.

When you found yourself in den
And you need to present by ten

Pick up a paper and a pen
Put your points and ideas in Venn
This will prepare you by then
To communicate with women and men
That will make you say amen.

Abdulahi O. FALADE

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Abdulahi is a graduate of Mathematics. He is a STEM teacher, a writer, a poet, and a Multilingual public speaker. He loves writing, researching, travelling, sporting and watching movies. Email: abdulahi.falade41@gmail.com Whatsapp or Call: +2348167056074.