Do you know Staid City?


Existence is an opportunity for all souls but a little appreciate this. All human are born equal but we are born into inequalities. Some are born with silver spoon while some are born in drainage system pathway, this is perceive as what has been ordained by Almighty. Nevertheless, diligence and moral decadence determine those that will succeed or achieve greatness irrespective of how they were born.

I was born in a community of elites in which education and exposure is not wanting. I used to wine and dine with learned ones and I learnt under their tutelage which broaden my scope of knowledge and also prepare me for life challenges.

I have being to different states in Nigeria. Among which are ; Kwara, Niger, Abuja, Zamfara, Sokoto, kebbi, katsina, kaduna, kano just to mention a few. My experiences in those states can never be compare with the staid city.  Meanwhile, I learnt some lessons that are horrible and untoward.

Can you imagined a situation whereby you need to wake up as early as possible, around 3.00am or thereabout not only to meet up with the early arrival at place of work but also to circumvent the traffic jam? Have you experienced a scenarios whereby you find it difficult to eat three square meal despite you are financially buoyant but due to cumbersome workload at hand with little or no assistance? Can you cope in a circumstance that will not permit you to think of your future career other than working to get cash which can only  cater for your food, clothes and shelter at average cost? All aforesaid interrogative expressions can only be answered with substantial points by those who stay in staid city.

Perhaps you think life is easy for those who live there. Life is quite miserable for the rich and the poor. Just that those with enriched pocket used large proportion of their income to live comfortably while those with epileptic income find it painstaking but favorable option(s) is of no avail.

Staid city is subsumed with heavily dense population which increases exponentially every blessed day. It possesses a landmass that is of small size with large portion filled with oceans and beaches. 75% of the available land is occupied by industries and commercial centers. This doesn’t pave way for much residential areas. Majority of the residents are using transport which increases the rate of traffic congestion especially during closing hour of the day.

You will wonder why we have such issues in the staid city?. The reason is not far fetch if one can carefully look into possible effect of a settlement with such features. Albeit, we have several bridges which suppose to ease movement but they are always busy and congested due to the effect of high population. Mind you, every member of other regional settlement in the country are contained in the staid city. In fact, it was once the capital city of the country.

This is an aphorism which goes thus : “Let me perch a while is the ruse that turns a parasite to be the homeowner”. That is what exactly led to permanent residency of some members of other state that visited the staid city for business or other purposes but surprisingly couldn’t go back home in the end.

Interestingly, all working class are paying tax either workers in private/public sectors or self employed. Even registration is imposed on all businesses in the city. We have several places of interest for relaxation and sociable events. If you are fortunate to mingle with wealthy people in the city, your life will never remain the same.

Cynically, it is a city of people who play pranks on one’s intelligent at the expense of proving how wise they are. This perception has been soo rampant to the extent that fighting, hooliganism, thuggery and other social vices are stains on white cloth of the city. They have escalated dubious attitudes, forgery, fraud and insincerity to other regional states. I witness and had several poignant experience of such act.

In a nutshell, life is good at staid city though it favors the rich but requires innovation , creativity, sociability, humbleness and industrious attitude for less privilege ones to survive.

Written by:  Abdulahi O.  FALADE. 


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Abdulahi is a graduate of Mathematics. He is a STEM teacher, a writer, a poet, and a Multilingual public speaker. He loves writing, researching, travelling, sporting and watching movies. Email: Whatsapp or Call: +2348167056074.