…….Take it easy

Tell those who glee on stage
About those who are in cage
That life is not about your age
No matter how you live in mage
You will be remembered in page.

Whoever knows worth of love
Will appreciate the love of dove
Indeed love is a gold in cove
Nobody appreciates it than vove.

It is good to have friends
Who have no time to pend
But planned to have ends
And give no heart to depend
On whatever they lend.


Have you forgotten your past?
When there is nothing to cast
And you were considered last
But you later struggle and fast
Until you turn world to vast.

Abdulahi O. FALADE

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Abdulahi is a graduate of Mathematics. He is a STEM teacher, a writer, a poet, and a Multilingual public speaker. He loves writing, researching, travelling, sporting and watching movies. Email: abdulahi.falade41@gmail.com Whatsapp or Call: +2348167056074.

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